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Business Management Analysis for a national known company located in Northern CA. Love my family, life, and YES the outdoors . My small little icon is around portions of Priest Lake located in the northernmost portion of the Idaho panhandle -Once a year I go camping,hiking,fishing, canoeing. Peace of mind is to have a S&W 460 firearm close by at all times in this beautiful area.

A little background why requesting to become a member. I had a strange, scary encounter of a large Sasquatch _ North Fork American River area CA. Approx. 10- 11 pm at night some few years back , full moon as the whole area seemed to light up was extremely quite to where I could not even hear the river flowing it seemed at times .very odd. Anyways , was four wheeling in back woods down boulders and rocks with boyfriend at the time , arrived at a somewhat open secluded river bank All of a sudden Steve freaked out grab his gun and ran into thick tree bushy area, as though he seen someone running and was chasing them , not sure at the time what was going on , very scary ,happened so quickly. Later he came back ,started the cruiser and we started back up the hill, half way up Steve stopped and stated he forgot his gun holder . I said, “I’ll go back and get it “. Reason I volunteered , quicker since we were half way up the hill .

I jumped out started to walk down the rocky hill . Steve called out my name "Julie! Stop, Do not turn around ,get in the truck NOW". I followed suite quickly. As it seemed at the time Steve was looking slightly above me when he spoke those words. I will never forget that feeling of something beginning to pounce on me. ( I thought)

Steve did not actually explain the whole details of that night until we got home as he was oddly quite, stating at one point throughout the evening .. he did not want to talk about it... I pressed him on what he saw in the woods . I myself figured it was standing on a slightly higher ridge of ground , no more than a few yards away from us as I was attempting at the time to walk back down to retrieve the gun holder . Steve eventually only stated to me "not sure what it was, tall, big , black with a pointy head looking at you ". That's all he said and it was difficult for him to tell me that . I never went back to that area. I just thank God I did not continue down that hill to retrieve that gun holder , Its funny at the time I had a strong internal fear about walking back down to the river but pressed through it, I'm that way ...if that makes since .Anyways, we never went back to that area,ever . Thank you for your time , just writing this brings back all those creepy disturbing feelings as though it just happened. - Julie S

GhillieGirls4SQ ( Julie S.)

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