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10/5/20 - Discovering Bigfoot Store

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Available Merchandise is: T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats and Stickers.

If you're just getting into traversing the woods to look for signs of the big guy here's a video you might find helpful.

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We now have a Twitter Page which we will be using as a communications tool for the cooperation.

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Todd informed me this morning that he will not be doing a live stream tonight. The chat room will be open for anyone that would like to hook-up with other members to chat 'Sasquatch' in Todd's absence. Chat room info

Posted 8/12/20, 1:55PM ET. Phil

Todd will go live tonight, 1/22/20 at the normal time 9PM ET/6PM PT.

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I'll probably open the chat room afterwards for anyone that wants to pop in.

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(Page will be unlocked)

Todd will go live tonight, 2/12/20 at the normal time 9PM ET/6PM PT.

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Chat room will be open afterwards.

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(Page will be unlocked)

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The chatroom is available to the membership. This is a great way to interact in real time with other members that have had Sasquatch encounters or are currently interacting with them. The hours and times the room is open can be found on the 'chat' info page.

Members Live Chat

We are experimenting with a live chat channel (room) for members that would like to chew the Bigfoot fat.


Click here for info

Todd let us know he will most likely be able to host his live stream 9/18 at the normal time (9PM ET/6PM PT, U.S.). The chat room will be available after Todd’s stream is over.

Chat Room Info

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