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We are a growing group of independent researchers working towards definitive proof and protection of the species commonly referred to as Bigfoot.

Watch the video to the right/below for info about Todd and Todd's research. Todd's  Documentary 'Discovering Bigfoot' is a must see for anyone interested in Sasquatch.

"After spending time in the field with Todd Standing... I am firmly convinced he has in fact filmed portraits of the Sasquatch face."

-John Bindernagel, Ph.D

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“Mind Speak” with the Sasquatch

Learn the essential skills to communicate with the Sasquatch effectively
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Welcome to Our Home on the Web.

Our address is:

Live Video Stream on Wednesdays

On Wednesdays Todd hosts a live stream session via YouTube where he answers questions from his followers and provides informative data about Sasquatch that he has acquired during his thousands of days in the wilderness while researching Sasquatch. If you would like to ask Todd a question or just follow along, his sessions are always very informative and interesting.Todd hosts the live chat on his YouTube channel, 'Sylvanic Bigfootstarting at 6:00 PT / 9:00 ET Wednesdays.


So,... if you're a Bigfoot enthusiasts, visit Todd's YouTube channel 'Sylvanic Bigfoot and watch a few of his videos and you will get a feel for who Todd is and what he does. For some real jaw dropping footage and information watch Todd’s documentary [ Discovering Bigfoot ] on YouTube or contact Amanda for other ways to view the documentary.



Had a Bigfoot Encounter?

If you have had a Bigfoot encounter Todd would like to know about it. You can get-hold of Todd via the Contact page.

Our Forum

If you would like to be part of the Bigfoot discussion, becoming a member will enable you to interact with other Bigfoot enthusiasts from all over. The forum provides a place where you can share your sightings and experiences, read other peoples' experiences, ask questions, hook-up with a trail-buddy to do investigations, and more. Some of the experiences being shared are really, really fascinating. It's surprising how many people have interacted with these beings and are willing to share their experiences. If you have had an experience you now have a place where you can share your experience anonymously and get feedback from people that take you seriously including some that have had similar experiences.

Our Chat Room

The chatroom is now available without the need to be a member of this site and no password is required.There has been much knowledge and eye witness accounts shared during the chat sessions so feel free to pop in a share your experiences or ask questions.

Visit the Chatroom.

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How   You Can Help or Contribute.

If Mobile, scroll messages right to left to see more postings.

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