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im n my early 60’s ive always loved to be n nature Love Camping actually did a lot n upstate NY Several times in the Adirondacts near Still Water Resevation However im not a off grider nor am i a survivialist Most of my life ive worked outside many years on golf courses I spend as much time as possible walking in nature It was actually in one such walk i had my first of confirmed 3 encounters with Big Foot Im not positive of the fourth Until the second encounter i wasnt positive id had a encounter Yet after the 2nd I nu the first was a more serious encounter then i thought at the time My 3rd encounter seriously made me realize i was being watched n somewhat stalked I wouldnt understand much of it till 25 years after my encounters When id watched Les from Survivor Man do his study and search for BigFoot Thats when I realized id must have done something to upset the at least Two Bigfoot in my area Its taken me 30 plus years to put my story out there Ive shared my stories with others however it was recieved differently by each of those i spoke to Yet until uve had a experience with BF its pretty hard to take someone seriously Well thats my short narritive I guess my next step is to share with you all my encounters n let you be the judge Until then D out


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