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Broad daylight close encounter.
In Sightings and Experiences
C. Welch
Jan 31, 2019
I had well... I saw something on my way back to school from a weekend back home from college driving with my friend. At the time I lived in Worcester, MA and was driving on my way back on Rt. 9 West past Pamer, MA passing by the Quabbin at about Gate 10 when I had my “encounter”. Anyway it was dusk, somewhere around 7-7:30 PM. It was spring and it wasn’t dark yet but getting there. That and the fact that this area is heavily wooded with no street lights. This was a few miles past the area where Rt. 9 crosses the Swift River below the Dam (I fish there.). Anyway, I’m driving along in my ‘68 Catalina with crappy headlights and I see an upright bipedal form fast... more like run walking across the road away from the Quabbin into the woods. What struck me as odd was that there was nothing, no structures of any kind in this area. It is State Forrest and there is nothing there, that and it was too dark to want to be hiking. There was no place to park, no campgrounds and no water in that direction. I was thinking “Why would anyone want to go that way with full darkness coming on rapidly?” My crappy dim headlights didn’t completely illuminate the figure, but I got the distinct impression it was brown. Also the way it moved was odd. Long arms that moved in an exaggerated way as it walked at pretty much a full running speed. It was across the road in a flash. I was not an innocent young man, but I was not altered in any way at this time. My friend Rocky was quiet and my attitude was “I’m not saying anything because he’ll think I’m nuts and I could have been hallucinating.” So on we drove for a minute or two when he said, “What the hell was that? Did we just see a little Bigfoot thing?” He saw it too. I got the impression it wasn’t huge and was skinny, and the way it moved and where it was just didn’t feel right. Not 100% sure what I saw, but in a lone car in the middle of nowhere with no houses around for miles at the time, I don’t think it was a purposeful hoax. The yokels in that area aren’t going to bother going to those lengths to hoax two young college kids at close to 8 PM with nothing around and no cars in sight. Whatever I saw I think was real and the encounter was chance. I have been an outdoorsman my whole life fishing and hunting, I’ve seen fox, black bear, moose, coyote, deer, big cats at the zoo, polar bear, panda, elephant, rhino, etc. in the flesh. What I saw was none of these. I suppose it could have been a homeless “Hills Have Eyes” person, but why would he be fast walking across Rt. 9 in the middle of nowhere in the dark. Just weird. That’s the only such experience I’ve had. That’s an honest account. Not embellished and I’m not saying I know what I saw with surety.

C. Welch

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