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Hi my name is Chad Leduc and I'm a Sasquatch researcher in Brantford, Ontario Canada. I had my first sighting in my first year of field research back in 2016 in a small forest northeast of the city of Woodstock. The sighting occurred so quickly it's been tough to wrap my head around the whole experience!?!? I know what I had seen in that moment standing before me behind a tree was naked human covered in reddish hair... confused I called out thinking that it was going to respond back. This thing which was about 6ft in height and quite slender with tan skin responded by taking off on all 4's! Confused and disoriented by the brief encounter I tried to explain what I had seen as being a known animal, but it still doesn't explain the thing stand there behind that tree looking at me! My entire encounter lasted no more than 5 seconds - 1 or so seconds staring at me and the remaining seconds fleeing into the backdrop and bushes on the other side of the bowl we were in. You can find on the link below videos which pertain the the experience and other videos shot in the general region of where I live. Thank You and Enjoy! :)

Picture from a camping trip on Vancouver Island. We lived on the Island from 2006 -2009

Faces pulled from video of research area 1 where I had my encounter with the creature

Possible face caught minutes after my first encounter

Chad Leduc - S.F.S.
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